Tangent Podcast with Mike and Jonny: S02E16 – Rosh Hashana Special

Posted: September 29, 2016 by Maximum Mike in Tangent Podcast, The Vault
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In which we bash Green Lantern on the high holidays, mourn a politician, review the year, and resurrect Nick Nolte’s career.

  1. Joe B. says:

    Axel Foley is now the captain of his old squad in the Detroit Police Department,
    His old partner, Paul Reiser is retired and went to Beverley Hills stealing another one of Axel’s secret Lamborghini
    While there, someone killed Paul Reiser in Beverley Hills. Axel flies out to Beverly Hills to solve the murder.
    In LA, Martin Riggs is also a captain, again, but still works the streets and is partnered with Lee Butters, (Chris Rock’s character from Lethal Weapon 4 and Murtaugh’s son in law)
    There are investigating a string of murders with high tech weapons that are ranging from LA to Beverly Hills.
    They get in touch with the New Beverley Hills Police Chief Billy Rosewood.
    During their initial meeting, Axel interrupts them, and give a strange look at Chris Rock’s Character and ask him to park his car thinking he is still a valet (Beverley Hills Cop 2 reference). Chris Rock chews him out and says he was never a valet, but then says in private to Axel Foley, but he missed working at the mansion.
    All three decide to work together to help solve the mystery
    They bump into Joe Pesci character, who now a bumbling police officer, who stated that he heard that a large shipment of Military weapons were stolen from Serge Industries (which Axel calls Surge)
    They meet the CEO of Serge Industries, who is Bronson Pinchot, and he and Axel go into their usual banter.
    Serge informs them that one of his trucks got high jacked months ago, but did not report it as he would lose his military contracts and it would be bad for business
    The three look to see who is the mastermind of the operation and it turns out to be Clarence Boddicker’s (Robocop Cop Killer Villian and based in Detroit) son who also happens to be the current CEO of OCP
    He killed Paul Reiser’s character, because Reiser recognized him from Detroit and he needed to deny he was ever in Beverley Hills, and he hired people to high-jacked Serge’s truck in order to take over Serge’s military contracts
    They all say their good byes Axel tells Chris Rock’s character he really changed his stripes (Madagascar) and Chris Rock says to Riggs What a jacka** (Shrek)

  2. Maximum Mike says:


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