Archive for January, 2011

This Week: What the hell is Indie Rock? John of the Indie Insurgence co hosts with some brand new Indie Rock as I try to fend him off with a more appealing sound. Feat: Amon Amarth, The Waves, Futureheads, Adema, Gogol Bordello, Battlelore, Arcade Fire, and Limp Bizkit!!

This Week: Maximum is right here but he’s also Missing In Action!! Israeli metal masters co host and play some great rock!! Feat. Alice Cooper, Slipknot, Matricide, The Fading, Strativarious, Astral Doors, 10 Years and much more!

This Week: Its a brand new year but Maximum Mike is just not ready to move on. It’s the best of 2010!! Feat. Stone Sour, Korn, Ozzy, The Dead Weather, and of course, an interview with Dream Aria, the Canadian progressive rockers and their brand new music!