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This Week: FLAMING ROCK N ROLL!!! Board the Train and prepare to go Hypersonic on an Axxis through The Darkness, No Doubt!!!! Feat. the bands I just mentioned and MUCH MORE!!!

In which we discuss Rocky Colavito leaving Cleavland, dogs and the people that eat them, last days, and how interesting a giant robot can be.

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In which the teachers respond to rape culture which is honestly dirty dirty work.
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Tangent Podcast with Mike and Jonny: S2 E3

Posted: June 10, 2016 by Maximum Mike in Tangent Podcast

In which we discuss reconnecting with old teachers, old students, rape (not with teachers or students), X-Men, terror with saran wrap, and some great music (and some not great music)
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In which we question the kashrut of bus Grinders losing in Cleavland against Cold War Idol. It’s a good show, trust me, I’m a DJ.