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This Week: From the radio to the stage, Rock 4 Rookies becomes Rock 4 Rookies Live becomes Rock 4 Rookies! Feat. Covers by Led Zeppelin, Dio, Faith No More, The Offpring, New Found Glory, Rammstein, Kiss, Marlyin Manson, AC/DC and much more!!! Special thanks to all the amazing musicians!!

Guitar – Tal Behar, Shani Kimelman, Teets McGee, Gal Cohen, Dror Dorenbaum
Bass – Lee Lavy and Avihai Levy
Keyboards – Nina Vouraki
Drums – Roee Kahana

This Week: The good times are back and here to stay! A week of fabulous releases from Alt Metal kings – Sevendust, Drowning Pool, and new David Draiman side project, Device! Don’t forget all the other Punk, Metal, and Rock N Roll.