Rock 4 Rookies Podcast: Episode 234 – WALKWAYS SPECIAL

Posted: May 18, 2013 by Maximum Mike in Rock 4 Rookies Podcast
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This Week: How do you get  your band noticed? Where do ideas come from? Why do we feel Safe In Sound? Maximum Mike is joined in the studio by the boys from the Israeli Alternative Metal band,  Walkways!  Feat: Opeth, Coheed and Cambria, Chunk No Captain Chunk, Lamb of God, Pop Evil, Onoma, and of course, brand new WALKWAYS!

  1. Maximum Mike says:

    1.lynam – Giving Up On Rock N Roll
    2. walkways – out
    3. chunk no captain chunk – taking chances
    4. Meshuga – Corridor of Chameleons
    5. Kitty in a Casket – Bite the Dust
    6. Pantera – Yesterday Dont Mean Shit
    7. Sixx AM – Lies of the Beautiful People
    8. Opeth – Deliverance
    9. New Found Glory – Failure is not flattering
    10. COheed and Cambria – Vic the butcher
    11. Lamb of God – In Your Words
    12. Pop Evil – Trenches
    13. Onoma – Fight Myself
    14. Foo Fighters – Exhausted
    15. Ozzy – See You on the other side
    16. Slipknot – Everything Ends
    17. Walkways – Actions

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