In which we gaugeĀ  expectations about prayer, try on new shoes, dismiss latkagate, watch jonny ride the jewcappela dragon and just cant let go of Stan Lee.

In which we tell some old stories, defend sports, take Elal flights to an Air BnB.

In which we taste Manna, Metal Pittsburgh, not retaliate against rockets, enjoy Spanx and say farewell to Stan Lee!

In which we storm Daniels, watch a promo, question the afterlife, and plan to MC our first wedding together!

In which Jonny has a boss week, congratulations all around, people give up on each other without a fight, Haley goes home, and we raise the dead!

Maximum Story Time #2

Posted: October 12, 2018 by Maximum Mike in The Vault
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Join us as we tell the story of Unity City.

Maximum Story Time: Ep1

Posted: October 5, 2018 by Maximum Mike in The Vault

Join us for story time.

In which it’s all about Jerry Lewis’ socks, drinking in shul, futility, Houston Vs Cleveland, and Kavanaugh… more or less.

In which we fail before we succeed, remember how to remember the fallen, and build a community synagogue… again.

In which things go from a sporty breeze to a dark storm of prayer.