In which two white guys figure out women’s rolls in Judaism. We also talk Baseball, Wolverine and other duel gender topics.

In which we burnout and get lit.

In which begin our journey that will lead us to the heights of podcast royalty and one day, build a kingdom of us all.

In which we plan a romantic dinner, raise children, discuss the future of peace, and fantasize the greatest festivals of all time!

In which we swap school stories and marvel at American education. Oh, and MURDER HOUSE!

In which we join a union, prepare for death, get some swag,  get political AND know what we’re talking about… it’s a whole new world!

Rock 4 Rookies Podcast: Episode 288

Posted: January 30, 2017 by Maximum Mike in Rock 4 Rookies Podcast

This Week: So many live shows in the area and a killer soundtrack for the wait! Feat. Guns N Roses, Atom Smash, Nonpoint, Kansas, Broadside, Auf De Maur, Nigel Bricks, Killswitch Engage, Revielle and much more!!!

In which Jonny is finally recognized for the genius that he is, we clean up Chicago, there’s a horse, Nobel Peace Prizes, and Space Cops!

Rock 4 Rookies Podcast: Episode 287

Posted: January 25, 2017 by Maximum Mike in Rock 4 Rookies Podcast

This Week: The Rock Giver is here to bring it back and back and back! Every Time I Die, Billy Talent, Mother Love Bone, Cold, Eatliz, Alter Bridge, Hedley, Billy Squire and much more!

In which we visit Rabbi Riskin’s Residence For Riskids, go Holocaust hopping, discover Cleveland is a city, question musician’s control over content and find out the power is yours!!!!