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In which we bash Green Lantern on the high holidays, mourn a politician, review the year, and resurrect Nick Nolte’s career.

In which we realize that the fun in funeral is misleading, take umbrage with blocked retorts, watch some murders, weigh in on Brangela (which we apologize for) and defend undefendable films.

In which we salute the Queen, rag on parents, get welcomed to the jungle gym, talk some nerdy, and say goodbye.

In which we hate kids, have urges with the police, love bad movies, pitch the next DC film, and PARTY IN BENI BRAK!!!!!

In which we celebrate not spending time with our children, going back to school, send targeted conspiracy theories via whatsapp and pitch a knock out!

In which we sign up for Camp Daddy, go to a reunion, start reviewing food, take our heroes down a peg, and take the blue pill one more time.

In which we breakdown the Olympics, marvel at the genius of My Little Pony, return to the Highlander, discuss broken boundaries and tangent away from it all!

In which we get over anxiety, watch our heroes fall, and remind you, above all, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!! (and lots of tangents)

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Mornings Maximized – Episode 1 “Reboot”

Posted: December 26, 2014 by Maximum Mike in The Vault

It’s another fabulous Friday and on this episode I lay down the law, we get to know each other, play some jams and I promise you nothing!

Maximum in the Morning 2

Posted: April 14, 2012 by ilan in The Vault

Maximum Mike and Jonny spin some tunes…