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In which we go for the run of our lives, catch up with you, count the cm of our skirts and continue the challenge!

In which we give our take on the elections, not the results, but the reactions.

In which we celebrate wins, accept our losses, move onto bigger and better things and pitch some pitches about pitching.

In which we discuss cooking, Genesis, pitch an unwanted movie, new apps and discover how we truly personify the burned out day school generation. Oh, and poop.

In which we get super philosophical,  leave our children in caves, pitch your stories, and get a special visit from from a new friend.

In which we kinda chat, kinda joke, kinda discuss and kinda pitch.

In which we bash Green Lantern on the high holidays, mourn a politician, review the year, and resurrect Nick Nolte’s career.

In which we realize that the fun in funeral is misleading, take umbrage with blocked retorts, watch some murders, weigh in on Brangela (which we apologize for) and defend undefendable films.

In which we salute the Queen, rag on parents, get welcomed to the jungle gym, talk some nerdy, and say goodbye.

In which we hate kids, have urges with the police, love bad movies, pitch the next DC film, and PARTY IN BENI BRAK!!!!!