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In which we appreciate teachers, doughnuts, Hanukkah, and Jonny swings his ruler.

In which we discuss beer cavities, camping, Avengers and Israel’s relationship with American Jews

In which we ask the age old question, how do you convert a non-jew to a jew? NOW. WE. KNOW. Also, Jewish hypocrisy, youth in the army,  and HUGE comic book news!!!

In which we try to use the 13 attributes of mercy to overcome the crashing of of technology. Also, Astros.

In which we sports about sports, complain about the goddam parking lane and ask if the Modern Orthodoxy is sustainable.

In which we talk about family illness, community coming together, 8-Bit adventures and get into the pros and cons of #metoo

In which we show fatherly pride, shutter at the amount of photographers, and remember the Holocaust.

In which we discuss on going adventures, things to do with kids, great restaurants, Bibi and walking down the aisle.


Disasterpeace AKA Rich Vreeland joins Jonny to discuss movie scores, video game soundtracks and EWrestling.


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Photo courtesy of Lucas Negroni